Chocolate crème Fraiche Cake (GF)

Chocolate creme fraiche cake

Gluten free dark chocolate cake made without flour, after baking the top collapses leaving an almost fudge like center topped with a creme fraiche and milk chocolate cream.

“This cake works best when it’s put in the middle of the table for everyone to admire and then devour.”

6″ Round £16.00  Approx 8 portions

8” Round £25.00 Approx 12 portions

Ordering and Allergies Information

When ordering this product please quote “Chocolate crème Fraiche Cake (GF)” on the phone or via email.

Other sizes are available please contact me to discuss options. For more information on ordering please see our ordering page.

Dietary requirements
I cannot guarantee any of my products to be Completely Nut Free. Please contact me to discuss any other dietary requirements.

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