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  1. All about the Chocolate

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    One of my favourite ingredients to bake with Chocolate. The bride showed me a design of a cake she had seen and liked the look of, so I based this cake on that with a few tweeks of my own.

    The cake itself is a Chocolate and Beetroot Fudge cake, filled and enrobed with a dark chocolate ganache, and then wrapped with dark and white modelling chocolate, finished with lots of fresh raspberries.IMG_20151107_123951165_HDR IMG_20151107_123748404 IMG_20151107_123809814

  2. Bit of Gold

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    Lot of hours went into this cake, the flowers are all made using sugar paste. The cake itself was a mango and passion fruit sponge, as the happy couple wanted to have the cake as dessert.

    Loved using the gold leaf to bring some bling into the design, really gave it some glitz.IMG_20150919_143641077_HDR IMG_20150919_143129018 IMG_20150919_143022836_HDR-COLLAGE

  3. Naked Wedding Cake

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    IMG_20150920_142158872Loved the way this cake turned out, 3 tiers of vanilla sponge, home made raspberry preserve, vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, finished with fresh berries and gypsophila. IMG_20150920_142252084IMG_20150920_142153570

  4. Chocolate Brownie (Gluten Free)

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    Chocolate BrownieClassic rich fudge brownie made with extra bitter cocoa and Belgian white chocolate, slightly under baked to leave a soft centre.

    “Cut up into small pieces and serve with ice cream and whipped cream to create a sundae”


  5. Lemon and Mascarpone Baked Cheese Cake

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    Lemon and Mascarpone Baked Cheese CakeSmooth creamy cheesecake made with Longley Farm cream cheese, baked on a biscuit base until just set finished with a lemon scented whipped double cream topping and Lemon curd pearls.

    8” Deep Round £25.00 Approx portions 12
    10″ Deep Round £35.00 Approx portions 16

  6. Treacle and Orange Tart

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    Treacle tartClassic English tart made with brown breadcrumbs, golden syrup, free range eggs, fresh orange zest and cream.

    “Made even more delicious served warm with a big spoon of clotted cream. What’s not to like”

    10” Round £22.95 Approx portions 10
    12″ Round £32.50 Approx portions 16


  7. Raspberry Charlotte (Gluten Free)

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    Raspberry CharlotteLight raspberry mousse punched with raspberry eau-de-vie studded with fresh raspberries and encased with a Gluten Free Almond Joconde sponge topped with a poached raspberry glaze

    8″ Round £21.00 Approx portions 10
    10″ Round £29.50 Approx portions 16
    Raspberry charlotte

  8. Sticky Spiced Pecan Pie (Gluten Free)

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    Sticky Spiced Pecan PiePacked with roasted pecan nuts and a gooey filling scented with a kick of cinnamon stick.

    “Serve warm with a scoop of quality vanilla bean ice cream and some maple syrup.”

    10” Round £25.50 Approx portions 10
    12″ Round £35.00 Approx portions 16

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