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  1. Tunisian Orange and Cranberry Cake (GF)

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    taste awardTunisian Orange and Cranberry cakeGreat Taste Award winning, beautifully moist gluten free cake made from 100% ground almonds, free range eggs, rape seed oil, cinnamon and clove, punched with an orange spiced syrup and finished with dried cranberries, flaked almonds, candied orange peel and an orange scented water ice.

    “This is one of my most popular cakes”

    6″ Deep Round £19.50 Approx portions 10

    8” Deep Round £30.00 Approx portions 16


    Tunisian Orange and Cranberry cake

  2. Carrot Cake

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    Carrot CakeExtremely moist and irresistible cake, made with finely grated carrot, walnuts and spiked with cinnamon, filled and topped with a light cream cheese frosting, more toasted walnuts and a dusting of cinnamon.

    “One slice is just never enough.”

    6″ Deep Round £17.50  Approx 10 portions

    8” Deep Round £26.95  Approx 16 portions


    Carrot Cake 2

  3. Chocolate crème Fraiche Cake (GF)

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    Chocolate creme fraiche cakeGluten free dark chocolate cake made without flour, after baking the top collapses leaving an almost fudge like center topped with a creme fraiche and milk chocolate cream.

    “This cake works best when it’s put in the middle of the table for everyone to admire and then devour.”

    6″ Round £16.00  Approx 8 portions

    8” Round £25.00 Approx 12 portions


    Chocolate creme fraiche cake

  4. Victoria Sponge

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    Victoria spongeClassic light and moist English sponge cake, filled with raspberry preserve and a vanilla butter cream made with an Italian meringue to keep it light.

    “There is no better cake for afternoon tea.”

    (Can be made with fresh cream if preferred)

    8” Round £15.50 Approx portions 12

  5. Chocolate and Beetroot Fudge Cake

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    Chocolate fudge cakeRich dark chocolate sponge made with pureed beetroot to give extra moistness and depth of flavour sandwiched together with two layers of Belgian dark chocolate ganache,before being completely enrobed in even more silky smooth ganache.

    “This cake is for all you serious chocolate lovers and can easily be turned into a Birthday cake with the addition of a chocolate Birthday plaque”

    6″ Deep Round £18.00 Approx portions 10

    8” Deep Round £28.00 Approx portions 16

  6. Lemon and Thyme Cake

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    Lemon and thyme cakeClassic golden cake scented with fresh thyme and lemon zest, made with free range eggs, and a little double cream, topped with a lemon water icing and candied peel.

    “Very simple cake with a twist”

    8” Round £14.00 Approx portions 12

  7. Toffee, Banana and Pecan Cake

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    Layers of moist banana and pecan sponge sandwiched together with a mix of fresh cream and toffee.

    “It’s banoffi pie in cake form”

    8” Round £22.00 Approx 14 portions

  8. Ginger Cake

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    Moist cake packed full of flavour, made using fresh root ginger giving it some real heat spiked with a hint of spice, finished with a lemon icing and pieces of crystallised ginger.

    “Ginger cake was one of my Grandparents favourites”

    Loaf £18.50 Approx 10 portions


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